Sup, I'm Jasky

No one likes a person that sits there bragging about themselves. So I guess at the end of this write-up you're not going to like me.

So here goes. 

My name is Jasky, born in India, but lived in Perth Australia for majority of my life. I am great at simplifying complex stuff. That's really my main superpower. So, I use the power of simplicity to drive home ideas that change people's actions. 

I have founded successful (and profitable) businesses in the past - our AV business started with 3 guys, a station wagon, to a 7-figure business. Which has lead to investing, starting a manufacturing arm, and doing all kinds of other things.

I always challenge myself to do stuff that is uncomfortable and adds some value to the world. I always love to hear from people who can help me improve -

is where you can reach me.